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tromalicious's Journal

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Pseudo Lloyd Kaufman
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TROMA. Sniff it. Lick it. Like it. Love it.

From Igor and the Lunatics to Toxic Avenger 4: Citizen Toxie , Troma movies are where it's at and where it shall remain until the very last Troma fans brain is eaten away by that Troma-tastic goodness.

Join us. You too can learn everything you need to know about film-making from The Toxic Avenger .

alien blood, angel negro, ask mrs. penis monster, ask the penis monster, baby doll murders, back road diner, baconhead, battle of love's return, beware! children at play, blondes have more guns, bride of killer nerd, cannibal! the musical, carmen elektra, crapston villas, decampitated, demented death farm massacre, dialing for dingbats, dismember your boss, electra love 2000, fat guy goes nutzoid, fatty drives the bus, ferocious female freedom fighters, fertilize the blaspheming bombshell, fortress of amerikkka, hellblock 13, igor and the lunatics, james gunn, jane jensen, killer condom, killer nerd, legend of the chupacabra, lloyd kaufman, maniac nurses find ecstasy, monster in the closet, nerds of a feather, plutonium baby, project kill, rabid grannies, redneck zombies, rockabilly vampire, ron jeremy, scream baby scream, sgt. kabukiman nypd, shakespeare in & out, sizzle beach usa, skippy's revenge, space zombie bingo, superstarlet a.d., surf nazis must die!, tcmgame, teenage catgirls in heat, terror firmer, the first turn on!, the love-thrill murders, toxic avenger, toxic crusaders, toxie, troma, troma team, troma's war, tromaball, tromadance, tromaville, tromeo & juliet, tromettes, tromites, urine therapy challenge, video demons do psychotown, video vixens, viewer discretion advised, viral assassins, virgin beasts, will keenan, zombie island massacre

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